Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Idiyappam, soft and thin steamed rice noodles with spicy curries or stews makes a perfect kerala breakfast. Here is the way I make it.


Rice flour(appam podi/idiyappam podi)- 2 cups
Salt - as required
Water-2-3 cups
Grated coconut-1/2 cup

Also require:

Idiyappam press
Idli mould and steamer


Bring water to boil

Take the rice flour in a bowl.Add salt.

Pour hot water(beware..water is super hot)little by little to the flour.Mix with a spatula.

Cover and keep aside until the dough is cooled enough to knead it with the hand.

Make a soft dough.Softness depends on the amount of water.You can add warm water and knead it in between if you feel the dough is getting dried off.That way it makes it easier to squeeze through the idiyappam press.Also always keep the bowl covered which prevents the dough from getting dried to a certain extent.

Take idli mould .Put some grated coconut as a base to each mould.

Take a small portion of the dough.Fill halfway through the idiyappam press.Remember not to overstuff the idiyappam press.Overstuffing makes it hard to press.

Gently squeeze the dough out to the mould in circular motion.

Meanwhile you can keep the steamer with water to boil.

Keep the mould in a steamer.Steam it for almost 6-8 minutes.

Carefully remove the idiyappams one by one to the serving bowl.

Enjoy with egg curry, vegetable stew,mutton stew or kadala (black chana) curry.


  1. adipoli keto..kandittu thanne kothiyavunnu mole....alla chechi...

  2. vegam...adutha item add cheytoluto...

  3. adipoli. This is one of my fav combo :-)

  4. Congrats on starting the blog long after the announcement. Nalla tudakkmanallo. enikku ettavum ishtamulla dishes tanneya postiyathu